02 Dec
First Time Buyers
Date Added: December 02, 2015

While mortgage finance is available it is going to the best candidates that is why it is so important that you plan at least 6 months if not 12 months in advance of submitting an application.  The primary consideration is repayment capacity which is your ability to repay the loan, therefore a track record of savings or paying rent is important so make sure if you are renting or saving that it is mandated through your bank accounts.  Another consideration is borrowings so make sure you start to pay down loans before going for a mortgage.

Our maximum mortgage is normally 90% for First Time Buyers and as a general rule mortgage amounts of up to 3.5 times gross annual income are considered. Therefore you will require a deposit of 10% of the purchase price plus fees for solicitor, stamp duty, valuer.  You must be over 18 and security and insurance are also required.