Living Abroad
Living Abroad

Living Abroad

If you are an Irish Citizen living abroad and would like to purchase a property in Ireland, Ireland Mortgages along with our partners William Solicitors can arrange a mortgage for you.

The general criteria when living abroad for purchasing a property in Ireland:

  • Minimum Salary Requirement is €75,000 for Single or Joint Applicants (or equivalent in their local currency)
  • Borrow up to 70% of the purchase price
  • The property must have the ability to be rented from the start
  • In continuous employment for 12 months
  • Savings must be strong and regular
  • Excellent fixed and variable rates available
  • Minimum term 5 years, Maximum term 25 years

Simply send us a brief outline of your details and we will do a free assessment to see if you qualify.

Williams Solicitors are a law firm in Dublin specialising in the purchase and sale of both residential and commercial property throughout Ireland for international investors.

They will arrange for the process to run smoothly from start to finish with minimum inconvenience, charging professional fees which are both reasonable and transparent.

For those clients who have difficulty in traveling to Ireland to sign the necessary paperwork, they can arrange for Powers of Attorney to be signed if necessary.

They are a well-established law firm of experienced lawyers (“solicitors”) held in good standing with the Law Society of Ireland and other regulatory bodies.

Please feel free to contact Williams Solicitors with any queries at or telephone at +353 1 6753003.

How the Mortgage Process works:

The mortgage process involves quiet a lot of documentation and we have set out below the different stages involved from arranging mortgage approval to closing your mortgage.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6

Make an Appointment

It is important to sit down or discuss with one of our Advisors your requirements.  They will need you to provide or confirm a number of details in order for them to assess your case accurately. Once the Advisor has checked that you meet the criteria the next stage is t submit an application for approval to the chosen bank.

Application Submitted to Lender

In order to submit an application to the lender, you must meet their documentation requirements and in this regard we have provided a checklist of the required documentation along with the necessary application forms, declaration etc.  The Advisor will then review all documentation, put together a lending report and submit your case for approval to the lender.

Approval in Principle

Once the lender has underwritten your application and they are satisfied it meets with their criteria they will issue Approval in Principle, which will include conditions of approval.  This will then allow you to secure your property, once the property is secured we will then have to arrange a valuation to be done on the property and sent to the lender.  Once all Approval in Principle conditions are meet the bank will then move your application to the next stage which is Loan Offer.

Loan Offer

The bank will issue the loan offer along with a legal pack to your solicitor, you must contact your solicitor to arrange time to meet to sign contracts and other legal documentation.

Arrange Insurance

The next stage of the mortgage process is to arrange mortgage protection and home insurance. At this stage we will contact you to arrange quotations.

Mortgage Closing

The final part of the mortgage process is to ensure that all conditions set by the bank have been met. Your solicitor will have returned the documentations to the lender for final sign-off. Once the lender is satisfied that all conditions of approval have been met by you, they will release the cheque to your solicitor to complete the buying process for your new home.

Peace of mind is a call away

With our trusted friendly staff, easy paperwork, and a quick response for your Living Abroad Mortgage option in all 26 counties of Ireland; we will guarantee that you will be walking away with a smile on your face after dealing with us.

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